To Oxidise Or Not….

I love working in silver and copper and I tend to like my silver bright and shiny and my copper oxidised to make it a little more mellow than it’s colour when it’s bright and new (and I love the way it brings out the details).  Here are a couple of examples of pieces before and after oxidising, let me know what you think.Riveted Copper Brooches

Riveted Copper Brooches before oxidising

Here are a couple of brooches I made recently, the one in front has a darker base as I chose not to pickle it after soldering the pin on the back, the one at the back has a cute little ceramic bird button riveted to it (

Artisan copper brooches

And here they are after oxidising.


Handmade copper brooches backs

I thought you might like to see the backs

I wanted to make another riveted copper bangle using 2mm wire and a large heart, when I had made the heart it seemed a little large for the wire so I doubled the wire to make it a little more chunky – here it is before oxidising –

Handmade copper heart bangle

Heart Double Bangle

riveted copper heart bangle

And after oxidising






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