New Handmade Toggle Clasps & Chickens Nests in the Road

New Toggle Clasps

I really prefer using handmade clasps rather than commercially mass produced ones, I know sometimes you can’t avoid but I like to come up with designs for clasps that go with handmade jewellery.handmade copper toggle clasps



These are my new clasps, they have all been texture using a rolling mill, two with texure plates (I’m calling them Wild Garden & Blossom) and the leaf with a natural leaf skeleton.After texturing I cut them to shape then punch the toggle hole and then dome them.  The toggle bar is simply made from wire and hammered and sanded smooth.

You’ll find them in the New Items section on my website – or by clicking on the photo above and I can make them in silver too!

I made some connectors to match – just add ear wires and beads if you want extra dangle



Chickens Nests in the Road

Each year after the snow leaves us a strange sign appears on our road warning of  “Nids de Poule!” or chickens nests !  The first year we saw the sign we drove ever so carefully to avoid the nests only to find it’s just the French sign for pot holes !  It still makes us laugh each year when the signs are put up 😉



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