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Make May a Make Jewellery Month !

I’m setting myself the challenge for May to make something every day and post a photo of it.  We are running jewellery making workshops throughout May so it really will be a challenge, I hope you will visit my blog during May to see how I get on and maybe add your encouraging comments !

Rolling mill texture

These are the starting point of Day 1 – They are copper discs (cut by Tim – Thank You Tim), rolled through the rolling mill to make them oval then rolled again with a leaf skeleton to add the leaf vein texture.  Tomorrow I will make them into something – visit me tomorrow to see what they become !





10% Discount Day

Just a quick post today – We’re offering a 10%  discount on jewellery, handmade ear wires, findings and charms.  Unfortunately PayPal doesn’t let us do this automatically so I will manually refund 10% of your total for any orders placed today Sunday 27th April.


Have a lovely Sunday !



Latest Workshops and the Hares are Back !

As you may have noticed blogging doesn’t come naturally to me, I have great plans of posting photos of the processes of making jewellery but get too excited whilst making things to remember to take the photos and find myself half way down to the village before I remember my camera.  Thank heavens for Tim and his workshop photos !

Silversmithing, Stone Setting and Findings
Lesley had been collecting semi-precious stones on her travels for years and was looking for ways to use the larger pieces and those without holes.

silversmithing workshopWe started off with silversmithing basics and she made a lovely pair of simple silver earrings – 3 soldered rings, hammered and hanging together from handmade ear wires, this was followed by wire wrapped hematite earrings, more ear wire, a variety of handmade findings, a very striking copper bail for a large semi-precious pendant, lovely long flower earrings and a bezel set rose quartz cab in a handmade silver pendant and lots more – not a bad haul for 4 days ?

You can see the pieces in more detail by clicking on the photo above.

3 Day Introduction to Silversmithing
Kit had 3 days with us and due to her busy life wanted to investigate techniques that could expand her jewellery making skills but without taking too much time to complete.  I know how frustrating it is when you can’t commit the time to a large project and you seem to be working on the same thing forever.  Here are some of the beautiful things she made.

silversmithing workshop holiday

Lovely dangly herringbone wrap silver earrings, soldered triple ring hammered earrings, lots of styles of ear wire (an important basic for making beautiful earrings) hammered domed squares, very sweet flower studs, filed from silver sheet then domed and soldered to silver posts, a lovely sawn, stamped and domed silver heart pendant and her favourites – tiny cascading cup earrings !  Please click on the photo to see more detailed images.

The Hares are Back but no Photos
I always feel blessed when I see a hare, I’d never seen one in England and when we first arrived I was amazed and first took them for rabbits until I realised how long their ears were !   Unfortunately whilst I live in hope there are just too quick for me to get a photo (and that’s when I have remembered to take my camera with me 😉

Tim’s Hare Story
Tim was up on the road one day just looking up at the power line when he though that one of our neighbours dogs had come and sat by him.  Eventually he looked down into the enormous amber eyes of a huge hare just sitting down beside him and looking up into the sky to see what Tim was looking at.  After a few minutes the hare got up and made his way down the road – Now that must be a once in a life time experience !

Coming soon – Salt Water Etching !