Latest Jewellery Making Workshop & Challenge Day 5

Jo & Mel went home yesterday after 3 really fun workshop days.  They came full of ideas and enthusiasm – the only things you need to bring to our workshops.   Jewellery making workshop

Jo & Mel’s Wonderful Creations !

You’ll find more photos of their work on our FaceBook page – (Just click on the photo above) but here are just a few of their pieces for you to enjoy !

Mel had seen some rings made from American coins and fancied having a go, we were all impressed with the results –

coin rings

Rings made from US coins

They both had a go at glass fusing, Jo cut and fused dichroic glass to make this cab then made the ring mount in sterling silver.

Glass Fusing Workshop Dichroic glass & sterling silver ring

Dichroic glass & sterling silver ring

Mel designed and etch a range of copper key rings using the salt water etching method.  This is just one of them, you’ll find more on our FB page (click on the top photo)

salt water etching class

Etched copper keyring by Mel

Jo wanted to make a set of stacker rings for her daughter, she made 5 silver rings and here are just a couple of them.

silver stacker rings workshop

Sterling silver stacker rings

Jo & Mel opted for a sightseeing day and experienced the tallest bridge in the world at Millau and the wonderful La Couvertoirade, a beautiful Knights Templar village

Tallest bridge in the world

Bridge at Millau

La Couvertoirade

La Couvertoirade

You’ll find more information about La Couvertoirade by clicking on the photo and visiting their web site.

Jo and Mel left us very happy with their work and full of even more ideas for their next visit !

May Make Challenge Day 5

Yesterday I made another etched copper wrap bracelet, this time BREATHE with a riveted silver flower.
Etched copper breathe silk wrap bracelet

Etched copper breathe silk wrap bracelet

Etching is a wonderful technique, you can learn more about etching and riveting on one of our jewellery making workshop holidays and make your own etched copper jewellery.

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One response to “Latest Jewellery Making Workshop & Challenge Day 5

  1. The pics of our stuff are looking great! everyone was thrilled with their presents. I haven’t given too much of the stuff I made away, as it is too nice! I want it all for myself!

    thanks again for another brilliant holiday
    Jo and Mel

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