Day 7 – Make These Earrings !

Yesterday I made these earrings

Earring Tutorial

Lovely sparkly earrings with lots of movement

All you need is:-
A pair of Leaf ear wires (you can make your own or buy similar ones from my website – click on the photo above for the link – £5 a pair in sterling silver)
77cm 0.5mm Fine silver (you can use sterling but you’ll have to pickle the wires and fine silver makes better balls !)
Micro Torch
Round Nose Pliers

Cut the fine silver into 22 3.5cm lengths, then ball each end with the micro torch (remember to wear your goggles and do this over a non flammable serface)
balled fine silver wires

Hammer the balls of about half of them
balled ends

Use your round nose pliers to twist the wires like this

Add 11 to each ear wire alternating balled and hammered ends
handmade silver earring tutorialTwist each dangle a little more so they don’t fall off the wires and there you are !  Tumble polish them if you have a tumbler but they still look great if you don’t.  And if you don’t want to make them yourself you can of course buy them from me 😉

I’m now off to a vide grenier at St Geniez d’Olt, it’s a bit like a car boot sale without the cars and they are either really interesting or stocked full of broken barbies and star wars figures – hopefully I’ll post some photos tomorrow with tomorrow’s make.

May Make Challenge – I have challenged myself to make a piece of jewellery every day this month and blog about it – maybe you’d like to join me in the challenge ?



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