Day 11 – More Locking Earrings !

Yesterday I made some more of the locking earrings (I seem to have got hooked on trying new versions.

Handmade Locking  Earrings Fluorite

Long Locking Earrings – Fluorite

I love these !  Long and slim with white, green & purple fluorite discs, I’m wearing these as I type (I decided to keep these for myself).  Add your comment below if you’d like to know how to make these !

Workshop Update – Day 2 of Evelyn & Rebecca’s Wonderful Week of Jewellery – they had a very creative day learning how to make perfect wrapped loops, earrings, a wire wrapped bracelet and finishing with the lovely herringbone wrap – photos coming soon !


6 responses to “Day 11 – More Locking Earrings !

  1. These are lovely, Karen and I’m not surprised you wanted to keep them for yourself. They are nice and summery with the white ,purple and green fluorite. 🙂

  2. Love these Karen, your blog has been really inspiring x

  3. These are gorgeous. I want to have a go at making locking earwires now!

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