Day 12 – Wrist Wish – Infinity

Yesterday was a silversmithing soldering taster day and it gave me a chance to make an Infinity Wrist Wish bracelet

handmade silver infinity bracelet gift card

Sterling Silver Wrist Wish – Infinity

Cute little handmade sterling silver infinity symbol on Irish linen – it comes on a kraft card  ready for you to send – These will be £10 each for a limited period so if you’d like one just contact me.  This one is going to Cathy who was due to join us on Monday for our Fold Forming & Riveting workshop but has had to cancel at the last minute due to an accident, it will let her know we’re thinking of her.

Workshop Update – Evelyn and Rebecca spent the day making a set of silver stacker rings and some really nice silver studs – I’ll post the photos at the end of the week.

Don’t forget to have a look at Day 10 and enter our GiveAway Draw !


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