Day 13 – 90 Year Old Sea Glass Earrings & Punctures

Yesterday I made a pair of earrings in preparation of today’s workshop which was to include wrapped sea glass pendants.

Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Earrings Silver Handmade

Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Earrings

Small ovals of dark sea glass from the famous Seaham beach in North East England.  I love sea glass, all the scars from it’s time in the sea, and when we came to France I hoped to be able to beachcomb  sea glass for myself but we’ve been unlucky so far so I decided to only buy my glass from beachcombers combing the Seaham beach.   The glass factory at Seaham closed about 90 years ago so almost all of the glass found here is at least 90 year old (the factory dumped waste glass into the sea at the end of each day).  Silverpebble’s  blog can tell you more about this wonderful beach.

Workshop Update – Day 5 – We were expecting to be joined by Aileen, on holiday in the Aveyron all the way from Australia but unfortunately a puncture on her way here made her postpone until tomorrow so today was spent making a variety of fun wire rings, using the BigKick machine to texture copper for future earrings and learning Byzantine chainmail weave – After practicing in copper Evelyn and Rebecca made lovely pieces of silver Byzantine to be made into earrings tomorrow.


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