Day 21 Almost a Pair and a Pair of Ginges

What happens if you give two similar pairs of earrings to your photographer and don’t check the result…

Almost a Pair ;-)

Almost a Pair 😉

If you’ve been one of our students you’ll know that Tim takes wonderful photos of my jewellery for me (I tend to take quick and dirty ones at my bench), these were yesterday’s make – two pairs of fused silver Winter Branch Earrings, unfortunately I didn’t notice that he’d  mixed the pairs up – maybe that’s the way they are meant to be ?  I’ll put these on the website when I have photos of matching pairs 😉

A Pair of Ginges
I do try not to be a mad cat woman but seeing these two snuggled up together …

That’s Katto on the left and Tom Tom on the right, possibly related as they were rescued from the same place but with a large gap between them, Tom Tom is top cat with funny teeth and Katto is a big lad with a broken tail which might be genetic- Well try as I might I DO sound like a mad cat woman !

May Challenge – I’m trying to make a piece of jewellery every day in May and post about it .


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