Day 25 – Almost Free Earrings and How to Make Them !

I’ve been meaning to make these for ages…..

Earring Tutorial

Long Rectangles – Tin Earrings

Tin Earrings


These earrings such fun to make and so easy.  Recently I got this tin free with something.

Tin Earrings 3

Cute tin but I really didn’t have a use for it, so I got my sheers and started cutting
How to make earrings

I cut the lid into two pairs of shapes for 2 pairs of earrings…Tin box earrings


Then sanded the edges smooth and domed the leaf shapes.  I then made 2 pairs of balled end sterling silver ear wires (you can learn how to make these ear wires on one of our workshops or buy them from me for £2.30 a pair) – slip the shapes onto the ear wires and voila !Tin Earrings6

I’ll be keeping an eye out at the vide greniers for vintage french tins from now on 🙂

These earrings are one offs and if you don’t fancy making them yourself they are for sale for £10 each pair and come in a cute aluminium tin to protect them in the post – Just contact me via contact tab.



2 responses to “Day 25 – Almost Free Earrings and How to Make Them !

  1. These are really unusual. What a brilliant idea – you are so creative!

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