Day 27 – Lots of Love – Hearts !

Yesterday I managed to catch up with a back order for my fine silver hearts, I make them in PMC – here they are in their “biscuit” stage before firing
PMC hearts before firing

PMC is an amazing product – clay made out of silver – you can mold it just like regular clay and once it has dried you fire it either in a kiln or with a torch and the binding compound burns away and you are left with 99.9% pure silver (this is purer than sterling silver).

Here are the hearts fired and polished
fine silver hearts pmc

Each one is different and has a textured front and spirals on the back, they come with sterling silver jump rings and are £5 each .  Each one is different and I make they a little thicker than most people so although they are small (about 1cm) they feel nice and chunky.

The rounds at the top are destined to become my Rock Rose Handmade Silver Studs – So cute.


One response to “Day 27 – Lots of Love – Hearts !

  1. right thats it! you have inspired me, I am definitely going to do my pmc this weekend!!!

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