October is Another Make & Show Month !

Way back in May I challenged myself to making something everyday and posting about it. I obviously didn’t learn my lesson as I’m going to repeat the exercise again this month. Why don’t you join me, email me photos of something you make each day with a little bit of information about it and see if you can keep going for the whole month.

Day Minus 1
Here are the Christmas Tree Earring I made yesterday and tomorrow I’ll show you the easy to wear almost hoop design they led to.

Christmas earrings you can wear all year round !
Each pair is made by fusing sterling silver and due to the making process each pair is unique – they come ready to give in their own little La Vidalerie tin – perfect for Secret Santa.  You can order any of these by sending me a message via my contact page.

handmade silver christmas earrings

Christmas Tree 1 – £20 including postage

handmade silver christmas tree earrings

Christmas Tree 2 Silver & Swarovski – £20 including postage

classy christmas earrigns

Christmas Tree 3 – £18 plus £1.50 postage or free for orders over £20

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