Day 3 Turning Copper Washers into Fab Earrings

Yesterday I wanted to turn a pair of very ordinary cheap copper washers into something special and here are the finished earrings-
handmade textured copper and silver earrings

Long, elegant and easy to wear, these earrings are available on our website – £15 just click the photo above.

They started off as very boring copper washers
Turn copper washers into fabulous handmade earrings

I put them through the rolling mill a couple of times to stretch them then put them through with a Wild Garden texture plate

Washers textured and stretched in the rolling mill

Washers textured and stretched in the rolling mill

Now comes the soldering (I chose to solder my earrings but you could just drill a hole and hand them from ear wires)

Soldering the silver ear wires onto the copper ovals

Soldering the silver ear wires onto the copper ovals

The wires are curved, bent and the ends rubbed down then the earrings were pickled and polished and finally put in liver of sulphur to bring out the details and soften the colour of the copper.

handmade silver & copper earrings textured artisan



Using a rolling mill can be included of our Introduction to Silversmithing & Fold forming & Riveting workshops – Come to France and make jewellery !

Day 4
Today I have been working on a different pair of hoop earrings (design not working at the moment so fingers crossed) and some new stamped chunky thin bars.  Visit my blog tomorrow for photos.

I’ll leave you with this – Ever have a day where you just can’t make up your mind?
handmade silver & gold decision spinner ring

handmade silver & gold spinner ring

I made this anticlastic spinner decision ring with lots of Y’s N’s Yes & No and added a chunky spinner with a 9ct gold ball, it’s been oxidized to give it an aged look and to bring out the stamping – very easy to wear and tactile – a real fidgit ring – Size O £50

October Make & Show Challenge – This month I have set myself the challenge to make something and post about it everyday – follow my blog for automatic updates.  Some of the jewellery featured is available for sale here  – 


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