And Breathe…. Day 4

It started when I ordered 2mm square silver wire instead of round.  I didn’t want to send it back so instead I sat down and came up with these designs using it –

Breathe Collection
I love stamped jewellery and this bracelet is stamped with tiny 1mm letters – Breathe but can be made to order with any other words or names.
breathe handmade silver ID bracelet

handmade silver breathe ID bracelet

£25 – handmade in silver

I hammered the square wire to make a very slightly wider but still thick and chunky bar with lots of texture, stamped the tiny letters, drilled the bar and gave it a gentle curve to sit on your wrist then used a nice and chunky silver chain and added a handmade clasp – it looks very pretty and discrete on your wrist.

I wanted to make a pendant with the same wire but keep it as sleek and simple as possible.  I hammered the wire in the same way then hammered the top to make it wide enough to take a jump ring then stamped breathe from the bottom up.

artisan silver breathe pendant

Handmade silver breath sliver pendant

16″ or 18″ chain – £19

The earrings I’m working on have been fighting back so I finished them today and they will appear tomorrow.

PS – The first BREATHE charm I stamped many years ago I ran out of room so have hidden in a draw somewhere a charm that says BREATH 🙂

October Make & Show Challenge – This month I have set myself the challenge to make something and post about it everyday – follow my blog for automatic updates.  Some of the jewellery featured is available for sale here  – 


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