Whoopity Hoops ! Day 6

OK, so I had problems naming these.  Everyday hoops that can be dressed up.  I had been working on this design for a while but the problem was stopping the hoop going completely through your ear.CleverHoops

So I made the hoops out of 1mm wire and soldered it onto the 0.8mm ear wire (the difference in thickness should stop them slipping all the way through), hammered the hoops to make them catch the light and balled the ends of the wires to look nice and…..

handmade silver hoops for beads

… to stop the beads….

Dressy hoops handmade in silver

…or charms you might like to add falling off.

The lampwork bead shown above is by Trudi at Glitteringprize and the textured heart by me but I’m afraid these aren’t included in the £10 for the silver hoops.

Maybe I’m lazy but I love jewellery that can be dressed up or down.

Coming Soon (I hope)
This is something else I’m working on – not exactly pretty at the moment but this is a very rough prototype – earrings or pendant with lots of movement – hopefully I will develop this soon and show you the pictures.

IMG_0197 IMG_0198

October Make & Show Challenge – This month I have set myself the challenge to make something and post about it everyday – follow my blog for automatic updates.  Some of the jewellery featured is available for sale here  – http://www.lavidalerie.com/BlogJewellery.html 


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