Itching to Etch & Natures Jewellery – Day 15

As you may know I’ve been experimenting with etching silver recently.  I’m using a battery charger and silver nitrate – My finger tips are a little grey but I think I got off lightly as I have an aversion to rubber gloves and even I ended up wearing them – Silver nitrate can stain you for simply ages.  Today I’m going to show you the ring I made using nail varnish as the resist.

handmade silver etched leaf ring

I tried 2 ways of making etched rings yesterday, one by etching the flat sheet of silver then making it into the ring (photos tomorrow) but this one was made into a ring first then the resist applied and then etched – You can see that the etch is nice and deep (I underestimated how quick the etch would be) – I actually had to sand it down a little as it was quite sharp – the liver of sulphur really brings out the detail of the pattern.etched silver ring

This technique is so exciting it will almost certainly be one of our jewellery making workshops next year so please email me if you would like to be on our mailing list for more information.

I’m still working on an etched pendant and wider ring so join me tomorrow for photos.

Natures Jewellery

We have been in the Aveyron over 9 years now but each year we see something we have never seen before – Today Tim found this beetle in the garden

natures jewellery

Blue,  green and red iridescent stripes – how does mother nature do it ?


3 responses to “Itching to Etch & Natures Jewellery – Day 15

  1. I want one!! The ring, that is, not the beetle, although the beetle is pretty cool too! Xx

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