Instant Earrings – Day 17

Yesterday I was so busy sorting out the workshop for Fran & Sue’s arrival that I just ran out of time to make something for my Make & Show Day 17 – So instant earrings  – they use my “Just Add A Bead” handmade silver earwires and a pair of Trudi of Glittering Prize’s beautiful lampwork beads and voila (as they say here – They also so say Oh La La – a lot ! Even the men !).

Changeable lampwork ear wires handmade silver for instant earrings

Just Add A Bead Ear Wires- £5 a pair with 4 bead caps – all handmade in silver

So Just Add A Bead ear wires, lampwork beads and 30 seconds later gorgeous earrings you can change whenever you like.

Here are some photos of the other ear wires in this range (many thanks to Trudi for the photos).

interchangeable ear wires instant earrings

Celadon Polkas with Smaller Curves

Handmade silver interchangeable ear wires

Question Marks Bubbles

artisan silver ear wires for lampwork beads

Long Straight with Glamour Rocks lampwork beads by Trudi at Glitteringprize

handmade ear wires for lampwork beads by la vidalerie

Larger Curves with Raisa Beads (Beads by Trudi)

Today was Fran & Sue’s first workshop day, we started off with cutting and layering dichroic & standard glass for fusing – they filled a kiln shelf and a sneak preview at the end of the day showed they will have lots of lovely glass to work on tomorrow, we spent the rest of the day experimenting with texturing copper in my BigKick machine and then making riveted pendants and a bracelet bar – join me tomorrow for photos of their work along with the fab heart earrings I made (well I like them 😉

October Make & Show Challenge – This month I have set myself the challenge to make something and post about it everyday – follow my blog for automatic updates.  Some of the jewellery featured is available for sale here  –


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