Fab Fused Glass & Press Formed Earrings – Day 18

Wonderful Week of Jewellery – Day 1
Yesterday was Fran & Sue’s first workshop day and we started with a morning of glass fusing – They took to it really well and produced some really nice pieces that we’ll be working on through the week.

dichroic glass fusing class workshop

Fab colours and a great use of standard & dichroic glass plus stringers, frit & copper foil.Glass fusing workshopRemember to re-visit and see what they make these pieces into.

Just before lunch we had time to experiment with my Big Kick machine and textured some copper sheet to be used later – here are just a couple of them.

texturing copper sheet with a Big Kick machineThis machine is a great way of texturing thin copper which can then be made into earrings, riveted onto thicker pieces or used for press forming – this led naturally onto a demonstration of press forming without a hydrolic press !  Here are the earrings I made using my textured sheets and a heart shaped die.  Press forming can be part of any of our jewellery making workshops.

Copper, Silver & Blue Amazonite Earrings - £18

Copper, Silver & Blue Amazonite Earrings – £18

Copper Heart Earrings2

Fran used the same technique today to make one of these hearts but turned it into a completely different pendant – visit tomorrow to see the photos.  Sue’s heart is a work in process so more news soon.

Almost completed – Fran’s bracelet bar and pendant and Sue’s pendant with silver bail – wonderful examples of wire & tube riveting.  These will be oxidized and made into jewellery during the week.

Riveting workshop

Do visit tomorrow to see what Fran & Sue made today (sneak preview – ETCHING !).  Tomorrow is their free day to enjoy the countryside and the fabulous weather we are having at the moment and to think about their designs for Tuesday.

A Sad (and Happy) Goodbye
Tonight we took the dormice back to the wild.  They had put on enough weight and the current weather made up my mind that now was a good time to let them go whilst they still had time to find a good place to hibernate.  I had become very fond of them all (who couldn’t be with their white bellies and fluffy tails)
Dormice3 dormice2

October Make & Show Challenge – This month I have set myself the challenge to make something and post about it everyday – follow my blog for automatic updates.  Some of the jewellery featured is available for sale here  – http://www.lavidalerie.com/BlogJewellery.html


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