Jewellery for Twitchers & Walnuts & Blackberries – Days 26&27

Walnuts & Blackberries
I haven’t gone brambling since I was a child but when we had the dormice staying I collected blackberries for them everytime I took Choo Choo for a walk.  Now of course they are back in the wild but I must admit I still pick  the blackberries and eat them – it takes me right back to being a child !  Another silly pleasure is looking out for the walnuts – today I found 3 on our walk – now if I could only find a way of making them into jewellery 😉

Jewellery for Twitchers & A Leafy Ring for Brenda

twitcher jewellery birdhouse lovebird birdwatcher necklace

Love Bird House Pendant – £28 inc postage

One of our lovely students bought my Love Bird Pendant before it reached our website and I have only just got round to making another – the birdhouse and bird started off as silver sheet and with the help of a saw and sanding sticks became this very cute necklace (ideal gift for a twitcher 😉

love bird pendant handmade silver birdhouse

Etched Leaves
Don’t worry if you are think you are suffering from déja vue, I did make a similar ring recently but this one is for Brenda who liked the first one and wanted one made in her size – due to the making process each one is different.  We’ll be running etching workshops next year so do contact me if you’d like information when it’s available.

artisan etched silver ring leaves

Etched Leaves Ring – £15 or £20 for the thicker version.

Today I’m doing more etching with a new pair of earrings and a BELIEVE ring so join me tomorrow to see how they turned out.

In The Clouds
This time of year we often wake up in or above the clouds, one morning Tim took his camera out early and here are a couple of his photos

Aveyron in the clouds

Lunet – This is our nearest village  – I take in this view each morning when I walk Choo Choo

Four del Mas - a farm just down the road looking very sleepy

Four del Mas – a farm just down the road looking very sleepy in the morning

October Make & Show Challenge – This month I have set myself the challenge to make something and post about it everyday – follow my blog for automatic updates.  Some of the jewellery featured is available for sale here  –


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