Etched Trees, Mistletoe and a GiveAway Draw – Day 31

Yesterday I saw my first mistletoe complete with white berries, there is always a lot of mistletoe in the trees but the berries made me feel suddenly Christmassy (I know it was still October but I’ve been making orders for Christmas charms and findings for a while now).  It prompted me to do a GiveAway draw for a pair of my Christmas Holly Earrings – you can wear them as the are or add beads – either way they’ll look fab !

Christmas Holly Earrings silver handmade

Holly Hooks – £9 Handmade in Sterling Silver – They arrive in a cute aluminium tin

Just follow my blog or add a comment to be in the draw – Draw ends Sunday 2nd midnight.

In yesterdays blog I showed you a photo Tim had taken for me of trees up on the Aubrad – I spent some time making the image black & white (grayscale doesn’t work) and printing it onto PNP paper then transferring the image onto copper sheet for etching – here’s how the images turned out-

Etched Trees - copper pendant and charm

Copper & Silver Charm - 17mm x 30mm - £10

Copper & Silver Charm – 17mm x 30mm – £10

handmade etched copper and silver charm

I used liver of sulphur to oxidize the pieces and bring out their detail.

etched copper tree pendant

Aubrac Trees Etched Pendant 3cm x 3cm on leather – £20

artisan etched copper tree pendant Aubrac AveyronWell that’s the end of my October Make & Show month – please do follow my blog as I will keep posting my makes along with the back story of how some of them were made.

I you like my jewellery have a look at my website for items for sale, handmade findings & ear wires and more information about our jewellery making holidays in France – come and learn how to make your own jewellery !


20 responses to “Etched Trees, Mistletoe and a GiveAway Draw – Day 31

  1. Love these trees Karen and the earring too x

  2. Catherine Perryman

    Hi Karen, have really enjoyed all your work over the past month, Please can I be entered into the draw for the holly earrings
    Catherine Perryman

  3. Wow Karen! The etched trees are beautiful- I love them.

  4. Love the trees and the holly leaves are so cute too!

  5. Wow – those trees are gorgeous! Please may I enter your draw 🙂

  6. Gillian Cunningham Wright

    Hi Karen love the earrings, stylish and understated or add lots of bright red or opaque white beads if you want to jazz them up! Thanks again for the link to the bird house necklace on Facebook, I believe Santa has ordered one for me!! Can I ask if you will be making any little bird house charms in the future? I’m thinking they would look good with some of your beautiful earring hooks or added to a charm bracelet??!!!
    best wishes

    • Hi Gillian – Thanks very much – You’re in the draw ! I’m going to make some earrings soon, little birds to go with the Love Bird House and little bird houses, bird house charms are a great idea too – I’ll post photos here when I’ve made them. K

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  8. J’aime beaucoup les paysages de l’Aubrac. Mais en cuivre….. Délicieux,

  9. Gillian Cunningham Wright

    Hi Karen oh goody I will look forward to seeing those and I will most likely have to get some, to match my pendant so it isn’t lonely!!!!!

  10. Hi Karen Love the earrings and the etchings, it can’t be nearly Christmas, can it?

  11. followed your blog those earrings are so neat!

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