Return of the Salamanders, Fast and Fabulous Workshop and Christmas Ideas

Finally catching up after our pre-Christmas rush of orders (I wish I was so organised šŸ˜‰

Most years around this time we are visited by a Fire Salamander or two, this year I was lucky enough to see 4, here is one of them.

Fire Salamander in the Aveyron

They are on their way to meet other salamanders so they can hibernate together.Ā  They are stunning and always make me feel a little blessed to have seen them.

Latest Workshop
We are just getting over our latest workshop – Sara arrived in the evening and left 2 days later at 5am (Tim isn’t a morning person but managed to take Sara to the station in time, mind you he looked like a zombie for a couple of days).Ā  In the two short days she was with us she wanted to expand her existing skills with new techniques – here are some of the beautiful things she made –

Etching workshop jewellery making workshop

Click on the image for more photos and information.

I hope Sara enjoyed her visit as much as we did.Ā  As you can see from the photo she made a beautiful etched silver pendant from one of her sketches and managed to fit inĀ stone setting, rivetingĀ and foldĀ  Sara is a very talented jewellery maker and you can see more of her work on her etsy site

I mentioned seeing the mistletoe in my last post, well I managed to remember my camera on one of my more recent walks with Choo Choo – it looks wonderful and I wish I could have done it justice.


Christmas Gift Ideas
I have been a little slow this year but have a look at some of my Christmas jewellery, gift and findings ideas by clicking here.



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