A Setting A Day – Day 6 – Setting Half Drilled Pearls

Half drilled pearls are great fun to use and look wonderful.  Anyone who has been on any of our workshops will know that I am very anti glue but this is one time I use it.

Handmade silver & pearl ring artisan white large

Pearl Ring – I cut a silver disc and textured it with a riveting hammer  then used a doming block to bowl it then pickled the bowl.


I then checked which wire was the best fit for the pearl and soldered a wire in the middle of the bowl and cut it down until it was the right length.

I formed the ring and soldered it onto the back of the bowl and pickled and polished the ring.

The pearl would be glued onto the wire when the ring was completely finished – I am still considering oxidizing the inside of the bowl so am holding off gluing until I have made up my mind 😉

Here are a couple more examples – Earrings I have made using half drilled pearls.

oxidized silver and pearl earrings handmade artisan hooks bowls white handmade silver and pearl earrings artisan sticks studs

Jewellery Making Workshops – This technique can be included in our Introduction to Silversmithing and Stone Setting workshops.

A Setting A Day – This week I posted a different setting technique each day –

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One response to “A Setting A Day – Day 6 – Setting Half Drilled Pearls

  1. Another gorgeous, inspirational blog, Karen! I adore pearls (my middle name is Margaret which means pearl) and use them a lot and I have some half-drilled pale grey pearls which I bought for making stud earrings for a friend so I might just have a go tomorrow (tumbler is churning away with yesterday’s blog copies!!!)

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