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Making Lemonade – Or Not Wasting Beautiful Stones

A while ago I ordered some specially drilled semi-precious cabochons for a particular project, unfortunately they all arrived with damage around the large drilled holes. ¬†The supplier kindly sent replacements but it kept bothering me that the original very beautiful, but damaged, stones were sitting sadly in their box. Here’s one of the labradorites.


I thought I could rivet on a large bail to hide the damage whilst still showing off the beautiful flash (the thickness of the stone made it a bit awkward too).


I cut 2 silver discs, rolled them to make ovals and added a spiral texture and oxidized them.

I riveted the discs together so the stone is able to swing and a silk or chain can be threaded through the top.

Not perfect but not bad for a stone that was too good for the bin and too damaged to use.

Let me know your ideas for a stone like this ?