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Quickie Competition – What Am I ? – Win a Handmade Silver Charm !

Each morning when I take ChooChoo for his walk I am amazed by the changes in the countryside around me.

Now it’s the time if year when nature leaves these little gifts along our walk. What are they – visit (or click on the photos) for how to enter draw to win a handmade Waiting for Spring sterling silver charm.

Ends Midnight tonight (16th)

jewellery competition

Waiting for Spring – Handmade Silver Charm

handmade silver waiting for spring charm

Good Luck Everybody !

PS – Find us on Instagram – I’ll be posting new jewellery, workshop photos, photos from around La Vidalerie and competitions

Another Count the Ginges Competition

We’ve been so busy running workshops recently that I haven’t had chance to post so here is a quick competition and a promise that I will post again soon !

Every morning I take ChooChoo for a walk along our lane, it gives me chance to see how the seasons are changing day by day.  Each day we are joined by some of our cats – have a look at the photo and count the GINGES.

ginger cats

And click on this link to see how to enter the draw to win one of my handmade silver Blown Away Wish Charms.

wish charm handmade silver

Ends midnight 1.9.15.

Students Work, Ted Posing It Up & The La Vidalerie Race Car !

May and June have been very busy months for us with lots of workshops and wonderful students making lots of beautiful Jewellery using a variety of techniques from silversmithing to fold forming, riveting to glass fusing.

You can click each of the photos to go into the individual FaceBook albums to see more details photos and read a little more about them  – you’ll see some of the new project we have added to the workshops too.

Margaret – Wonderful Week of Jewellery May 2015
It was lovely to see Margaret again, this time she wanted to explore fold forming, silversmithing and riveting.  She made some really beautiful jewellery including earrings with half drilled pearls and a riveted copper and silver pendant.

Students work silversmithing riveting and fold forming

Lourika – Introduction to Silversmithing May 2015

silversmithing students work class

Lourika came for 2 days of silversmithing, she had been making a lot of beautiful stamped jewellery in aluminum (and fabulous personalised books) and wanted to expand her skills into silver. Look at all the wonderful things she made in just 2 days !

Paula – Silversmithing & More June 2015

Paula June 2015 Silversmithing (1)

Paula tried our new project incorporating seaglass into a pendant as well as pearl drilling to make this riveting pearl ring.

Sally – Silver & The Sea – June 2015

sea glass jewellery

Sally came back to explore more ways of bringing sea glass and the sea into her jewellery, her 3 days included silversmithing, wire work and stamping and our new project – a sea glass ring.

Larrissa – Silversmithing & Tube Setting – June 2015

silversmithing tube setting workshop

Larrissa wanted to learn how to solder and this 3 day workshop gave her chance to learn the basics along with an introduction to tube setting and stamping. Here are some of the beautiful pieces she made.

Sarah – Introduction to Silversmithing – June 2015

silversmithing workshop students work

Sarah came for Fold Forming but stayed for Riveting & Silversmithing 😉 3 wonderful days of interesting techniques and lovely jewellery – Here is what she made.

Gail & Ruth – Silversmithing, Stamping & Wire – June 2015

jewellery making holiday

Gail and Ruth had a couple of days of jewellery making as part of a holiday, in two short days we visited silversmithing, riveting and wire wrapping.

Barbara – Silversmithing & Riveting – June 2015

riveted jewellery students work amethyst

Barbara came to us for our Introduction to Silversmithing but found time for riveting and stamping too.

Iseult – Silversmithing & Tube Setting – June 2015

stone setting, tube setting workshop

Iseult wanted to come back to La Vidalerie to expand her silversmithing skills to include tube setting, here are the beautiful things she made in just 3 days !

Mary – Silver & Glass – June 2015

Glass fusing & silversmithing anticlastic ring

Mary joined us for a 3 day silversmithing workshop but wanted to include a taster session of glass fusing.  She made a beautiful (and difficult) textured anticlastic ring and it was her first experience of silversmithing.

Stephanie – 2 Day Introduction to Silversmithing – June 2015

Stephanie June 2015 Silversmithing (1)

Stephanie came to La Vidalerie for a 2 day Introduction to Silversmithing – Here are the lovely pieces she made.

Laura – Wonderful Week of Jewellery – June 2015

handmade cufflinks workshop

It was lovely to see Laura again for a fabulous week of jewellery making – She wanted to include silversmithing, etching & riveting. Here are the beautiful pieces of jewellery she made (including a gorgeous pair of etched copper and silver cufflinks).

Little Ted
Tim has had so many pictures to take of jewellery in the last couple of months it’s just as well he had Little Ted to help him 😉

Ginger Cats

La Vidalerie Race Car

Tim's New Car ;-)

Those of you who have met Tim might be aware of his interest in Scalextric racing – this is his work in progress, it will be branded with our logo and will eventually race against Steve’s Hotel Solomiac’s car 😉  Boys !

Count the Ginges and Enter The Draw !

May Competition – Count the Ginges !

This morning my walk with Choo Choo was joined by some of our ginger cats – how many can you see in this photo ? You can enter the draw to win one of my new Blown Away Wish Charms, handmade in sterling silver and perfect for a necklace or bracelet via my website –

Ginger Cats - on a walk with Choo Choo

handmade silver wish charm competition

Good luck to everyone !  And if you can’t wait you can also order this charm and even have it personalised for you by clicking on the photo above.

Competition ends midnight Monday 4th May 2015.

Irresistible Etching – Roses, Believe & a Cute Dragonfly – Day 28

Well I have to say my current love is silver etching.  It can still be a little hit and miss but so satisfying.  This is a ring I have wanted to make for a while, the resist is made out of vinyl and I made and soldered the ring before etching.

artisan etched silver ring believe

I could pretend I planned it this way but to be honest this ring ended up slightly more etched on one side than the other and so when I came to stretch the edges to give it its anticlastic shape it bent slightly more on the more etched side (hope that makes sense) but I think it make it even more unique 😉etched silver ring your words

This actual ring is size N to N.5 and is for sale at a reduced price of £25 due to it’s slight eccentricities. silver etched believe ringOtherwise you can order it though my website by clicking the photos above.

Your Words
Let me know if you would like something different etched and I’ll let you know if it’s possible.

Etched Roses
I also made a pair of earrings using nail art plates and nail varnish as the resist.

artisan etched silver earrings

etched silver earrings roses

Etched Roses – £20 including postage and they arrive in one of our cute aluminium tins.

I etched a sheet of silver, cut the earring to shape, sanded and curved them then soldered silver stud posts on the back so they just hang straight from your ears.  They are oxidized to give them a darker look and to bring out the detail of the roses.

Etched Dragonfly Charm
Most of the etching I have done so far has been applying my design as a resist, I made this charm by applying the surround to the design as a resist so the dragonfly was etched – I’m thinking about making a ring in the same way with dragonflies or butterflies.

etched dragonfly charm silver handmadeSilver dragonfly charm – £7 14mm x 10mm

Today I have a fab idea for a pair of earrings using riveting and old film – It could be great if it works !  Join me tomorrow and see.

October Make & Show Challenge – This month I have set myself the challenge to make something and post about it everyday – follow my blog for automatic updates.  Some of the jewellery featured is available for sale here  –

Day 27 – Lots of Love – Hearts !

Yesterday I managed to catch up with a back order for my fine silver hearts, I make them in PMC – here they are in their “biscuit” stage before firing
PMC hearts before firing

PMC is an amazing product – clay made out of silver – you can mold it just like regular clay and once it has dried you fire it either in a kiln or with a torch and the binding compound burns away and you are left with 99.9% pure silver (this is purer than sterling silver).

Here are the hearts fired and polished
fine silver hearts pmc

Each one is different and has a textured front and spirals on the back, they come with sterling silver jump rings and are £5 each .  Each one is different and I make they a little thicker than most people so although they are small (about 1cm) they feel nice and chunky.

The rounds at the top are destined to become my Rock Rose Handmade Silver Studs – So cute.