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A Setting A Day – Day 4 – Fabulous Tube Setting !

I really like tube setting, it’s a great way of adding a little twinkly to your jewellery using faceted gems and isn’t too difficult to master or too expensive to do.  Tube setting is now part of our 3 day Stone Setting workshop.

Poppy Ring

Silver & garnet handmade silver ring poppy

This is my Poppy Ring, the design is rolled into the silver and the method I use means each ring will be different – I then added the tube setting and set a small 3mm faceted garnet to add a little sparkle.

Poppy Ring - Tube Set silver and garnet

This ring is £32 but may not have reached my website by the time you read this 😉

Wisp Earrings
A glimmer of amethyst showing through branches – each pair will be different.

wisp earrings - handmade silver & amethyst

These earrings and the necklace below will be part of my new Wisp range and I wanted to show you them although the range is not on my website yet.

They are based on the stories of the Will of the Wisp – the glimmer seen through the trees leading travellers away from the safe paths, a flickering light always just out of reach.

Wisp Pendant – A Glimmer though the Woods

Wisp in the woods silver and citrine fold formed

A fold formed pendant, darkened with liver of sulphur giving the idea of woodlands – tree trunks, with a dangle of silver tube set with a citrine for the wisp – ever moving.

Join me tomorrow for day 5 of this week of settings.

If you would like to learn silver smithing, bezel setting or tube setting please visit our website to learn more about our jewellery making breaks – suitable for all levels.

We are just a short flight away, just get on the plane and we’ll do the rest.


A Setting A Day – Day 2 – Bezel Set Ring

Rose Cut Labradorite Ring

labradorite ring handmade in sterling silver

Bezel setting is a great technique to learn and is suitable for flat bottomed stones and perfect for fused glass but but this doesn’t exclude working with sparkly faceted stones.  Rose cut stones have a faceted domed top and flat bottom This is a 6mm rose cut labradorite, it was a little bit fiddly due to it’s small size and it is easier to start with round stones 8mm – 14mm.  (The bezel is the narrow collar of silver you can see around the stone).

Silver artisan labradorite ringI love labradorite, it’s not the most sparkly stone but it has a subtle glow with lots of interest and colours.

I, cut a disc, drilled a hole in the center to let in the light and hammered it for texture and domed it.  I measured the bezel wire (this had to be cut down as the rose cut slopes in so the bezel can be very narrow) and soldered it to the disc.  I formed some square wire into a ring shape leaving out a section underneath the hole in the disc (it’s unlikely to let in much light but every little helps) – the disc was then soldered to the ring.

handmade bezel set ring silver artisanThe ring was pickled and polished and the disc given a slightly mat finish then the labradorite was set using a pusher.  This is just over a R and a Half and is for sale – £24.

This is another example of bezel setting – Dichroic fused glass set into a silver pendant with copper dots. – You can see this pendant on my website – just click on the photo.

Dichroic glass pendant handmade bezel set silver & copper

You can learn how to make bezel setting on our  Stone Setting Workshop and glass fusing on our Glass Fusing – Making Fused Glass Jewellery Workshop.

Pop back tomorow for a different stone setting technique or better still follow my blog for automatic updates (see Follow Blog via Email in the right margin).

Etched Trees, Mistletoe and a GiveAway Draw – Day 31

Yesterday I saw my first mistletoe complete with white berries, there is always a lot of mistletoe in the trees but the berries made me feel suddenly Christmassy (I know it was still October but I’ve been making orders for Christmas charms and findings for a while now).  It prompted me to do a GiveAway draw for a pair of my Christmas Holly Earrings – you can wear them as the are or add beads – either way they’ll look fab !

Christmas Holly Earrings silver handmade

Holly Hooks – £9 Handmade in Sterling Silver – They arrive in a cute aluminium tin

Just follow my blog or add a comment to be in the draw – Draw ends Sunday 2nd midnight.

In yesterdays blog I showed you a photo Tim had taken for me of trees up on the Aubrad – I spent some time making the image black & white (grayscale doesn’t work) and printing it onto PNP paper then transferring the image onto copper sheet for etching – here’s how the images turned out-

Etched Trees - copper pendant and charm

Copper & Silver Charm - 17mm x 30mm - £10

Copper & Silver Charm – 17mm x 30mm – £10

handmade etched copper and silver charm

I used liver of sulphur to oxidize the pieces and bring out their detail.

etched copper tree pendant

Aubrac Trees Etched Pendant 3cm x 3cm on leather – £20

artisan etched copper tree pendant Aubrac AveyronWell that’s the end of my October Make & Show month – please do follow my blog as I will keep posting my makes along with the back story of how some of them were made.

I you like my jewellery have a look at my website for items for sale, handmade findings & ear wires and more information about our jewellery making holidays in France – come and learn how to make your own jewellery !

Jewellery for Twitchers & Walnuts & Blackberries – Days 26&27

Walnuts & Blackberries
I haven’t gone brambling since I was a child but when we had the dormice staying I collected blackberries for them everytime I took Choo Choo for a walk.  Now of course they are back in the wild but I must admit I still pick  the blackberries and eat them – it takes me right back to being a child !  Another silly pleasure is looking out for the walnuts – today I found 3 on our walk – now if I could only find a way of making them into jewellery 😉

Jewellery for Twitchers & A Leafy Ring for Brenda

twitcher jewellery birdhouse lovebird birdwatcher necklace

Love Bird House Pendant – £28 inc postage

One of our lovely students bought my Love Bird Pendant before it reached our website and I have only just got round to making another – the birdhouse and bird started off as silver sheet and with the help of a saw and sanding sticks became this very cute necklace (ideal gift for a twitcher 😉

love bird pendant handmade silver birdhouse

Etched Leaves
Don’t worry if you are think you are suffering from déja vue, I did make a similar ring recently but this one is for Brenda who liked the first one and wanted one made in her size – due to the making process each one is different.  We’ll be running etching workshops next year so do contact me if you’d like information when it’s available.

artisan etched silver ring leaves

Etched Leaves Ring – £15 or £20 for the thicker version.

Today I’m doing more etching with a new pair of earrings and a BELIEVE ring so join me tomorrow to see how they turned out.

In The Clouds
This time of year we often wake up in or above the clouds, one morning Tim took his camera out early and here are a couple of his photos

Aveyron in the clouds

Lunet – This is our nearest village  – I take in this view each morning when I walk Choo Choo

Four del Mas - a farm just down the road looking very sleepy

Four del Mas – a farm just down the road looking very sleepy in the morning

October Make & Show Challenge – This month I have set myself the challenge to make something and post about it everyday – follow my blog for automatic updates.  Some of the jewellery featured is available for sale here  –

Jewellery Making Tip – Always Have A Plan B.. & C And Deep Breath ! Silver Etching

Day 16 – Not everything goes to plan and it’s always a good idea to have a plan B (I don’t believe in giving up on a piece of jewellery.  One of our lovely return customers asked me if I could make my etched copper BREATHE ring in silver and as you know I’ve recently been experimenting with silver etching and so thought this would be a good project to try.  I applied the resist to the silver and set it etching not realising that it would all happen so quickly – The end of the rectangle containing the final E was etched completely off ! and instead of a rectangle I now had a sort of sword shape – After a while and a few curses Plan B came about and I’m really glad it did – Now I have a Deep Breath Pendant instead of a BREATHE Ring (more about the ring further down).

Deep Breath handmade artisan etched silver pendant

Take a “Deep Breath” – etched and stamped silver charms with a lovely chunk of amethyst on leather – £40

I soldered a loop on the top, made a stamped Deep  charm and made a wire wrapped charm our of a chunk of Amethyst – The Breath charm is just over 5cm long plus the loop.  They all hang on a leather thong with a handmade silver clasp.  Everything was oxidized to bring out the detail and because it looked right 😉

Handmade silver hook and soldered ring

Handmade silver hook and soldered ring

Here are the other things I etched (before oxidizing) – you can see yesterdays leaf ring.

Etched silver piecesAnd here is the BREATHE ring that started it all…

artisan etched silver breathe ring
Tell your own story – Etched ring – £28
artisan etched word ring handmade silver etched ring etched silver breathe ring

Fran & Sue Arrive
Today we are eagerly waiting for Fran and Sue to arrive for our Wonderful Week of Jewellery – it isn’t their first trip to La Vidalerie (far from it) and we always look forward to seeing them.  The week is loosely planned around glass fusing, etching, torch fired enamels, riveting and silversmithing – I’ll keep you updated with what we make.

October Make & Show Challenge – This month I have set myself the challenge to make something and post about it everyday – follow my blog for automatic updates.  Some of the jewellery featured is available for sale here  –

A Different Kind of Karma & 2nd Christmas Rush – Day 14

A quick (and late) posting today as I’m in the middle of our 2nd pre Christmas rush (I wish I was so organized ;-).

I recently sold a “Different Kind of Karma” necklace to one of our lovely return customers so yesterday I started making some more

handmade silver karma necklace a different kind of karma

A Different Kind of Karma – handmade in silver – £25 – This one has just been sold

I really like making this necklace because each one is unique – it’s impossible to make them all the same and I think this is a good thing with handmade jewellery so you know that you are wearing something really individual and not mass produced.

Here are 3 Karma circles - they have just been fused and I deliberately overheated some of the wire so it broke and balled.  The idea being that sometimes Karma can be a little strange and not follow a path.

Here are 3 Karma circles – they have just been fused and I deliberately overheated some of the wire so it broke and balled. The idea being that sometimes Karma can be a little strange and not follow a path.

fused sterling silver pendants

Here they are all pickled and polished – the one on the left is going to be called “Heavy Karma” as it is a little bit chunkier than the others.

artisan silver karma necklace handmade handmade silver karma necklace ooak

Etching Silver

I’ve also been playing with etching silver recently, it’s something I’ve been putting off as it’s a bit more complicated than salt water copper etching (which I love).  So far I’ve managed to etch a Breathe pendant and ended up with Breath as the etch was much quicker than I expected and it ate away the end completely !    I will be posting about this soon – It is a really exciting technique and one that I may bring into next years workshops to do contact me if you’d like to be kept up to date about this…..

Talking about contact…

We all love feedback so please don’t be afraid to add your comments to my postings and ask questions – otherwise I feel like I’m talking to myself, as therapeutic as that might be 😉

October Make & Show Challenge – This month I have set myself the challenge to make something and post about it everyday – follow my blog for automatic updates.  Some of the jewellery featured is available for sale here  –

Glass Glass Glass… And Tiny Toadstools

Yesterday I finally got around to finishing drilling my fused dichroic glass and making it into jewellery.  I don’t think anyone enjoys drilling glass, it’s a little stressful and a bit boring but I love making the glass I fuse into jewellery so it has to be done.

Lime green dichroic glass earrings handmade on silver

Lime Green Vines – £20 inc postage – Arrive in a cute tin

I really like the way these turned out, lime green glass with a dotty dichroic top layer on handmade sterling silver vine ear wires that just hook into your ear.

turquoise dichroic glass earrings on handmade ear wires with silver beadcaps

Turquoise Dichric Glass Earrings with handmade sterling silver beadcaps and ear wires – £20 inc postage – arrive in a cute tin

artisan dichroic glass earrings

I love fusing glass whether it’s dichroic or plain, the combinations of colours your can play with are amazing and everytime I fuse a shelf something comes out that takes my breath away (usually in a good way 😉

purple dichroic glass earrings on s shaped handmade silver ear wires

Transparent pinky/purple dichroic glass with handmade silver beadcaps and S shaped ear wires – £21 inc postage – Arrive in a cute aluminium tin – SOLD

unusual dichroic glass earrings

Approx 4cm long – glass almost 2cm wide – SOLD

I like the way these ear wire turned out and will make them again – they are a larger version on my S Shaped Earwires on our website.

pale grey dichroic glass earrings

Soft light grey glass earrings with a dichroic stripe and handmade removeable silver tabs and handmade silver Ear wires – £20 inc postage and cute tin

IMG_0032These earrings are a really light soft grey (almost white) with a translucent dichroic stripe sunk into the glass and hanging on simple balled end silver ear wires .  The textured silver tags can be removed.

dichroic glass earrings black and sparkle on handmade silver ear wires

Black & dichroic glass earrings on handmade balled end sterling silver ear wires – £19 plus postage (£1.50 unless part of a larger order) arrives in a cute tin


These are very sweet with lots of dichroic flash.

dragonfly dichroic glass pendant

Hidden Dragonfly Pendant – Riveted onto a handmade silver bail and hung from a silver chain – £21


In most lights this pendant appears to be a simple rectangle of sparkly dichroic glass (colour is a little softer and slightly more purple) but if you hold it up to the light you can see a faint hidden dragonfly and turn it over and you can see the dragonfly raised.  The glass has been drilled and riveted to a handmade sterling silver bail stamped with dragonflies and comes on a silver chain with handmade clasp.

If this has whet your interest why not come on one of our glass fusing workshops – 2 -3 days with 3-4 nights accommodation where you’ll learn about fusing glass and making your own silver findings to transform the glass into fabulous jewellery (without resorting to using silver plated, mass produced findings – grrrr  – sorry but I hate seeing nice fused glass on sad findings.

None of the above are on my website yet and each piece is unique so when they are sold they are gone for good – you can email me if you would ike to buy a piece before it hits the website.

tiny toadstools

I popped into the garden today and couldn’t resist sharing with you these very tiny and cute toadstools – Isn’t nature wonderful !

October Make & Show Challenge – This month I have set myself the challenge to make something and post about it everyday – follow my blog for automatic updates.  Some of the jewellery featured is available for sale here  –