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A Setting A Day – Day 5 – Fab Sea Glass Rings !

I wanted to find an easy way for students to make rings with sea glass or other found objects and I came up with these.

Sea Glass Ring - TutorialTutorial how to make sea glass ring

They are great fun to make and are similar to the Turquoise Ring on Day 1 but easier to get a nice tight setting.

Step by Step – Green Ring

Seaglass ring tutorial

1 – Start off with a soldered silver ring, smallish piece of sea glass  and two pieces of 0.8mm silver wire.
2 – Ball the ends of the wires.
3 – Put the ring on a ring stick and hammer a small section to flatten it a little
4 – File a notch in the flattened section that will take both wires side by side


5 – Bend the wires so they made a cross shape and solder them to the ring (don’t worry if it looks a bit like a weird insect at this stage ;-).


6 – Pickle and polish the ring

step by Step ring sea glass

7 – Wrap the wires around the glass then twist !

made a sea glass ring

I used pliers to “twink” the wires and tighten the setting.

sea glass silver ring

Jewellery Making Workshops – If you like this ring come and make one – It’s just one of the projects you can choose on our Introduction to Silversmithing and Stone Setting workshops.

A Setting A Day – This week I posted a different setting technique each day –

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A Setting A Day – Day 3 – Sweet & Simple – Pearls on Wires – Step by Step

Todays setting isn’t really a setting  but an easy way of making a pair of pearl earrings.

handmade artisan sterling silver pearl earrings long wiggly

These earrings are made with a single piece of wire and just slip through your ears so the wire used is 0.8mm thick – too thick for most pearls.  This limitation has driven me mad for ages as I love this simple way of making earrings.   I have a pearl reamer but don’t really enjoy using it then I came across this simple tip on Barbara Fernalds blog – Use a jewellery saw and slip onto the saw blade the pearls you want to use then simply run the pearl up and down the blade turning them (or the blade) as you go – FAB !  You can read more about this by clicking here and visiting Barbara’s blog handmade pearl and silver earrings contemporary

Step By Step – How to make these earrings
1 – Enlarge the holes in your pearls until they fit on 0.8mm wire
2 – Cut about 8cm x 2 of 0.8mm sterling silver wire
3 – Hold the wires together and use chain nose or flat pliers to make zig zags in the last 3cm of the wires (doing this with the wires together means that the zig zags will be similar
4 – Hammer the zigzags and rub down the ends
5 – If you have a tumbler tumble the wires now
6 – Slip a pearl on each wire down to the zigzags
7 – Leave about 2cm above the zigzag straight then curve the rest around a mug, use your chain nose or flat pliers to bend the wires at the start of the curve
8 – Cut the ends of the wires so they are the same length and rub down.  Tweak the earrings until you are happy with them
9 – Slip them in and rush out and show your friends !

This is just one of the available projects you can choose to learn how to make on our jewellery making holidays – Come and make something beautiful ! 

Oak Leaf Brooch – Step by Step – Day 13

Yesterday I used one of the oak leaves (see yesterdays blog) I found on my walk to texture this brooch

handmade copper oak leaf brooch

Copper & Silver brooch – 3.5 x 2cm – One of a Kind – £17  Oxidized to give it a softer glow and to bring out the detail of the leaf.

And here’s the step by step process of me making it.

step by step how to make a riveted brooch

I used my rolling mill to transfer the texture of one of the oak leaves onto a piece of copper – the other is textured with masking tape

I made the brooch using 2 pieces of copper because I wanted to stamp the back without spoiling the leaf texture on the front.

Brooch findings ready to be soldered onto the back of the brooch

Brooch findings ready to be soldered onto the back of the brooch

step by step how to make a riveted oak leaf brooch

Fine silver rivets – I taped the two pieces of copper together to keep them in place while I drilled the holes for the rivets

Tutorial = riveted brooch

Ready to be riveted

how to make a brooch - workshops in france

Riveted front

and back

and back

From little acorns brooch

The finished back complete with tiny letter – ” from little acorns…. ”  This is after pickling (without the stainless steel pin – I’ve done that before) and polishing and oxidizing.

Come and learn how to rivet and use a rolling mill for texture on one of our jewellery making workshops – whether you are a complete beginner or want to expand on your existing skills our very small classes ensure almost one to one tuition.

October Make & Show Challenge – This month I have set myself the challenge to make something and post about it everyday – follow my blog for automatic updates.  Some of the jewellery featured is available for sale here  –