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Latest Silversmithing Workshop & Goodbye to Dark Seas

Most of our students are women on their own but occasionally we take bookings from couples and these are always interesting and fun workshops.  Rob booked a 2 day Introduction to Silversmithing as a birthday present for his wife Liz and managed to keep it a complete secret until she arrived and saw all the jewellery making books and magazines that fill the students cottage accommodation.  They were both new to jewellery making and here are just some of the wonderful things they made…

March 2014 Silversmithing Workshop


We started with a set of stacker rings and fabulous interchangeable earrings, then had a play with embossing copper and silver.  The decided to commit their second day to a major project each, Liz an apple pendant complete with copper pips, texture and doming and Rob managed to sum up the spring weather – sun, clouds and rain in a mixed metal necklace – it was a mad rush to get them finished as they had to rush off that night but well worth the effort .  Well Done to both of them !

Good Bye to Dark Seas
I enjoy making most of my pieces and I’m happy to see them go off to new homes but I must admit that I was quite sad to say good bye to this Dark Seas ring – It was a challenge to make and we had a few tussles on the way.

Silver sea glass artisan ring

Dark Sea Ring

It started with a piece of sea glass found by a beachcomber at Seaham in England complete with scars from it’s travels (glass found at Seaham is almost all over 90 years old).  I made the bezel and added a few silver “pebbles” and a tube set faceted peridot.  I wasn’t happy with it in it’s polished state so I oxidized it to bring out the detail and give it a more moody feel.

It’s now happily on it’s way to a lady in Pittsburg USA to begin it’s new life on her hand.


PS – Here’s the back  – I like to add a little interest to the back of most things I make – this one has an offset band and stamped dandylion clock seeds.

artisan silver and sea glass ring

Dark Sea Ring Back