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Jewellery Making Tip – Always Have A Plan B.. & C And Deep Breath ! Silver Etching

Day 16 – Not everything goes to plan and it’s always a good idea to have a plan B (I don’t believe in giving up on a piece of jewellery.  One of our lovely return customers asked me if I could make my etched copper BREATHE ring in silver and as you know I’ve recently been experimenting with silver etching and so thought this would be a good project to try.  I applied the resist to the silver and set it etching not realising that it would all happen so quickly – The end of the rectangle containing the final E was etched completely off ! and instead of a rectangle I now had a sort of sword shape – After a while and a few curses Plan B came about and I’m really glad it did – Now I have a Deep Breath Pendant instead of a BREATHE Ring (more about the ring further down).

Deep Breath handmade artisan etched silver pendant

Take a “Deep Breath” – etched and stamped silver charms with a lovely chunk of amethyst on leather – £40

I soldered a loop on the top, made a stamped Deep  charm and made a wire wrapped charm our of a chunk of Amethyst – The Breath charm is just over 5cm long plus the loop.  They all hang on a leather thong with a handmade silver clasp.  Everything was oxidized to bring out the detail and because it looked right 😉

Handmade silver hook and soldered ring

Handmade silver hook and soldered ring

Here are the other things I etched (before oxidizing) – you can see yesterdays leaf ring.

Etched silver piecesAnd here is the BREATHE ring that started it all…

artisan etched silver breathe ring
Tell your own story – Etched ring – £28
artisan etched word ring handmade silver etched ring etched silver breathe ring

Fran & Sue Arrive
Today we are eagerly waiting for Fran and Sue to arrive for our Wonderful Week of Jewellery – it isn’t their first trip to La Vidalerie (far from it) and we always look forward to seeing them.  The week is loosely planned around glass fusing, etching, torch fired enamels, riveting and silversmithing – I’ll keep you updated with what we make.

October Make & Show Challenge – This month I have set myself the challenge to make something and post about it everyday – follow my blog for automatic updates.  Some of the jewellery featured is available for sale here  – http://www.lavidalerie.com/BlogJewellery.html