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May Make Challenge Day 2 – Bracelet Kit & Etching Class

Yesterday I put together this Dream bracelet using a bracelet bar I had previously designed and etched

artisan etched copper bracelet handmade etched copper turquoise and leather bracelet

etched bracelet


etched copper bracelet kit artisan turquoise leather

I’ve been playing with this design for a while now, it’s such an easy bracelet to wear with the turquoise adding interest and the leather nice an comfy.  It’s not on the website yet but if you want to buy you can email me via the contact form further down.

The bracelet made up is £19, just the copper bar £5 and the materials kit with bracelet bar (no instructions) £10, I’ve also got a similar design with BREATHE.

Workshop Update
Yesterday, Jo and Mel did a bit more glass fusing, Mel making a new pendant and Jo grinding a fire polishing a couple of pieces from the day before that needed  a little work but most of the day was super creative with lots of salt water etching (they made some really amazing designs) and fun with the rolling mill – I’ll post the photos on Tuesday.  Today they are out and about visiting the a Knight Templar village and experiencing the tallest bridge in the world at Millau.


Make May a Make Jewellery Month !

I’m setting myself the challenge for May to make something every day and post a photo of it.  We are running jewellery making workshops throughout May so it really will be a challenge, I hope you will visit my blog during May to see how I get on and maybe add your encouraging comments !

Rolling mill texture

These are the starting point of Day 1 – They are copper discs (cut by Tim – Thank You Tim), rolled through the rolling mill to make them oval then rolled again with a leaf skeleton to add the leaf vein texture.  Tomorrow I will make them into something – visit me tomorrow to see what they become !




New Handmade Toggle Clasps & Chickens Nests in the Road

New Toggle Clasps

I really prefer using handmade clasps rather than commercially mass produced ones, I know sometimes you can’t avoid but I like to come up with designs for clasps that go with handmade jewellery.handmade copper toggle clasps



These are my new clasps, they have all been texture using a rolling mill, two with texure plates (I’m calling them Wild Garden & Blossom) and the leaf with a natural leaf skeleton.After texturing I cut them to shape then punch the toggle hole and then dome them.  The toggle bar is simply made from wire and hammered and sanded smooth.

You’ll find them in the New Items section on my website – http://www.lavidalerie.com/NewItems.html or by clicking on the photo above and I can make them in silver too!

I made some connectors to match – just add ear wires and beads if you want extra dangle



Chickens Nests in the Road

Each year after the snow leaves us a strange sign appears on our road warning of  “Nids de Poule!” or chickens nests !  The first year we saw the sign we drove ever so carefully to avoid the nests only to find it’s just the French sign for pot holes !  It still makes us laugh each year when the signs are put up 😉


Quick and Dirty Riveted Ring

I love riveting, it’s very satisfying, quick and I love the look. Here’s a ring I’ve just made, soldered copper band with TEMET NOSCE (know thyself in latin) stamped in tiny letters on silver and riveted onto the copper band. I decided not to pickle the copper band as I really like the colours the torch turned it.

Riveted Ring Handmade Artisan Ring

Temet Nosce – Know Thyself – Riveted Copper Ring

To Oxidise Or Not….

I love working in silver and copper and I tend to like my silver bright and shiny and my copper oxidised to make it a little more mellow than it’s colour when it’s bright and new (and I love the way it brings out the details).  Here are a couple of examples of pieces before and after oxidising, let me know what you think.Riveted Copper Brooches

Riveted Copper Brooches before oxidising

Here are a couple of brooches I made recently, the one in front has a darker base as I chose not to pickle it after soldering the pin on the back, the one at the back has a cute little ceramic bird button riveted to it (http://www.rougepetitcoeur.fr/).

Artisan copper brooches

And here they are after oxidising.


Handmade copper brooches backs

I thought you might like to see the backs

I wanted to make another riveted copper bangle using 2mm wire and a large heart, when I had made the heart it seemed a little large for the wire so I doubled the wire to make it a little more chunky – here it is before oxidising –

Handmade copper heart bangle

Heart Double Bangle

riveted copper heart bangle

And after oxidising