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GIVEAWAY – Week of Ear Wires & a Passion for Handmade

Anyone who knows me knows I have a passion for handmade and that includes ear wires.  I believe that every pair of earrings that you design deserves a special pair of ear wires that suit the design – That’s how we ended up with over 50 ear wire designs on our website 🙂

This week I’ll be giving away a pair off handmade ear wires each day – you can enter via this blog or my FB page (here) or both.

I started late so today there will be 2 giveaways so make sure you visit later today so you don’t miss is.

The 1st giveaway is for a pair of my Long & Elegants – Gorgeous handmade silver ear wires almost beautiful enough to wear on their own but here they are with a pair of fabulous beads by Lush Lampwork (not included I’m afraid)


To win a pair just…
1 – Leave a commend with what stone etc you would hang from these
2 – Share this post
Do all of that and you’ll be in the draw to win a pair – ends midnight tonight 26.7.16
http://www.lavidalerie.com/C…/Long%20Handmade%20Earwires.htm – Just £3 a pair !
Remember to check back later today for the 2nd giveaway


Quick GiveAway Post – Slim Leaf Handmade Earrings/EarWires

I run a number of GiveAway draws on our FaceBook page  but I know that not everyone uses FB so you can enter the draw here too.

artisan silver ear wires handmade unique handmade sterling silver ear wires

I made some of these for an order yesterday so I thought I’d make an extra pair and give them away in a draw – Super elegant, wear them just as they are or add dangles – Slim Leaf handmade sterling silver ear wires/earrings – Just add a comment to this post to be in the draw – ends midnight tonight (31st January) so hurry ! And if you want to buy a pair you’ll find them here – £5.50 a pair –http://www.lavidalerie.com/EarWires/Slim-leaf.html 


Come on one of our workshops and learn how to make them yourself 😉  – http://www.lavidalerie.com/JewelleryMakingHolidaysandWorkshops.html

Instant Earrings – Day 17

Yesterday I was so busy sorting out the workshop for Fran & Sue’s arrival that I just ran out of time to make something for my Make & Show Day 17 – So instant earrings  – they use my “Just Add A Bead” handmade silver earwires and a pair of Trudi of Glittering Prize’s beautiful lampwork beads and voila (as they say here – They also so say Oh La La – a lot ! Even the men !).

Changeable lampwork ear wires handmade silver for instant earrings

Just Add A Bead Ear Wires- £5 a pair with 4 bead caps – all handmade in silver

So Just Add A Bead ear wires, lampwork beads and 30 seconds later gorgeous earrings you can change whenever you like.

Here are some photos of the other ear wires in this range (many thanks to Trudi for the photos).

interchangeable ear wires instant earrings

Celadon Polkas with Smaller Curves

Handmade silver interchangeable ear wires

Question Marks Bubbles

artisan silver ear wires for lampwork beads

Long Straight with Glamour Rocks lampwork beads by Trudi at Glitteringprize

handmade ear wires for lampwork beads by la vidalerie

Larger Curves with Raisa Beads (Beads by Trudi)

Today was Fran & Sue’s first workshop day, we started off with cutting and layering dichroic & standard glass for fusing – they filled a kiln shelf and a sneak preview at the end of the day showed they will have lots of lovely glass to work on tomorrow, we spent the rest of the day experimenting with texturing copper in my BigKick machine and then making riveted pendants and a bracelet bar – join me tomorrow for photos of their work along with the fab heart earrings I made (well I like them 😉

October Make & Show Challenge – This month I have set myself the challenge to make something and post about it everyday – follow my blog for automatic updates.  Some of the jewellery featured is available for sale here  – http://www.lavidalerie.com/BlogJewellery.html

Days 22-24 Lots of Ear Wires & Cows !

My missing blog days were mainly taken up with orders so I thought I’d share a couple with you so you know what I do with my days 😉

Day 22 – Contemporary Copper Earrings
Thursday – I had a few orders to catch up on and one of them included these super easy to wear earrings

Long copper handmade earrings

Contemporary Copper & Silver Earrings

Hammered strips of copper curved and soldered onto silver ear wires, these earrings come in a cute aluminium La Vidalerie tin to protect them and are only £10 a pair !

Day 23 – Mostly Ear Wires !
I am passionate about handmade jewellery and really feel that when you design a pair of earrings you should also choose the ear wire style (long, short, fancy, plain, curved, curly etc) to fit the design – this is why we have over 50 different ear wire designs on our website all designed and made by, well, me 😉  This photo  is just some of the ear wires I made for order on Friday.

Handmade silver ear wires waiting to be posted

Handmade silver ear wires waiting to be posted

If you are still using mass produced ear wires why not give our ear wires a go and see the difference they make to your designs – or you could of course come on one of our jewellery making holidays  and learn how to make your own !

Day 24 – The Festival of Estive and the Transhumance
This is a very important week-end for our area, traditionally a time when the cows were walked back up to the high plateau of the Aubrac to pasture.  Now days most of the cows are taken up by lorry but some are still walked up as part of the festival and a lot of walkers join them.

Transhumance st geniez d'olt

One of the squares in St Geniez d’Olt

These are just a few of the cows from one farm, each farm taking part proudly decorates their cows…


With branches covered in paper flowers


Before walking them through the village and on up to the Aubrac.

It marks the end of the winter, the coming of summer and is a good excuse to celebrate with the traditional music and dancing in the background, a market and tables for lunch being set up in the streets.

Once we got back home it was time for more orders and a new ear wire design

round handmade silver ear wires

Round Balled Handmade Silver Ear Wires

Super simple ear wires with a sweet little loop with a balled end – £2.50 a pair


Day 18 – Green Flying Saucers OR Lovely Lime Green and Silver Earrings

I managed to control myself during my visit to the beadshop but couldn’t resist these lime green glass beads.

Lime green glass & silver handmade earrings

Mouthwatering Earrings

The bead caps are handmade in sterling silver and stamped with spirals, they are wired onto handmade balled wires and hang from my sterling silver handmade Fish Hook earwires (£2.10 a pair – you can buy them from my website – just click on the photo above) – I think it’s so important to match the right ear wires with your earring designs.

These earrings are a one off and not available on my website – They are about 3.5cm top to bottom, everything that looks silver is sterling silver and they are £18, just contact me if you would like to buy them.

It’s Tim’s birthday tomorrow and I just hope I’m up to making something after our blowout visit to the chinese restaurant 😉