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A Setting A Day – Day 2 – Bezel Set Ring

Rose Cut Labradorite Ring

labradorite ring handmade in sterling silver

Bezel setting is a great technique to learn and is suitable for flat bottomed stones and perfect for fused glass but but this doesn’t exclude working with sparkly faceted stones.  Rose cut stones have a faceted domed top and flat bottom This is a 6mm rose cut labradorite, it was a little bit fiddly due to it’s small size and it is easier to start with round stones 8mm – 14mm.  (The bezel is the narrow collar of silver you can see around the stone).

Silver artisan labradorite ringI love labradorite, it’s not the most sparkly stone but it has a subtle glow with lots of interest and colours.

I, cut a disc, drilled a hole in the center to let in the light and hammered it for texture and domed it.  I measured the bezel wire (this had to be cut down as the rose cut slopes in so the bezel can be very narrow) and soldered it to the disc.  I formed some square wire into a ring shape leaving out a section underneath the hole in the disc (it’s unlikely to let in much light but every little helps) – the disc was then soldered to the ring.

handmade bezel set ring silver artisanThe ring was pickled and polished and the disc given a slightly mat finish then the labradorite was set using a pusher.  This is just over a R and a Half and is for sale – £24.

This is another example of bezel setting – Dichroic fused glass set into a silver pendant with copper dots. – You can see this pendant on my website – just click on the photo.

Dichroic glass pendant handmade bezel set silver & copper

You can learn how to make bezel setting on our  Stone Setting Workshop and glass fusing on our Glass Fusing – Making Fused Glass Jewellery Workshop.

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May Jewellery Making Challenge Day 6 & Off Up the Lane !

Yesterday I made this riveted dichroic glass pendant – Spicy Olive

Dichroic glass & silver pendant handmade Olive

Spicy Olive

I fused this cab a little while ago, it’s a mixture of clear olive and dichroic glass – very sparkly, yesterday I finally had time to make it into a pendant.  Most fused glass jewellery seems to be glued to commercial silver plated findings which seems such a shame when the glass is so beautiful it deserves something better.

In one of our workshops I teach students to make simple but really nice solid silver bails to take their fused glass and a while ago I started riveting my glass to make pendants and rings.  I made the bail for this pendant out of silver sheet, stamped for interest and drilled.  Drilling the glass is always the scary bit, it takes patience and you have to remember not to rush it.  I then riveted the glass and bail so that the glass can still move then put it on a simple rubber thong.

I haven’t put this piece on our website and it may still be available when you read this – On a thong for £18 plus £1.50 postage or on a silver chain for £24.50 including postage.

If you like this piece why not have a look at the workshops we run or contact me if you would like to arrange a glass fusing or riveting jewellery making break.

Off Up the Lane
When La Vidalerie was built (around 300 years ago) the entrance was a gateway from the lane into the enclosed courtyard with the front of the house overlooking the spectacular valley.  Many years later a new road was built behind the house and everything got turned around and the back of the house became the front.  This means that in front of the house there is a lovely overgrown lane, this is where I spent my afternoon – chasing Snowflake up and down the lane !  We have 6 cats, 5 of them ginger, rescue cats and Snowflake is one of these – gorgeous long hair and a personality that knows how beautiful he is.  All I have seen all afternoon is his magnificent long tail sticking straight up in the air and just out of reach – well I needed the excercise 😉