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Day 9 – The Start of a New Range of Hearts

Yesterday I carried on playing with an idea I had had for ages – fused hearts

Fused Silver Heart

Fused Silver Heart

I love this – each one will be different and unique due to the way they are made, I’ll make some more soon and post photos.  Perfect for summer, pretty and light – I can’t decide whether to add a jump ring for a silver chain or just thread the chain though the heart.

Workshop Update
I’ve spent most of the day getting ready for our latest workshop – Evelyn and Rebecca arrive today for our Fabulous Week of Jewellery Making.  Evelyn has come all the way from Nigeria and on Wednesday we are being joined by Aileen from Australia !    You can find out more about our jewellery making holidays by clicking here

May Make Jewellery Challenge – I have challenged myself to make a piece of jewellery and blog about it every day during May – Join me and tell me what you’re making !


May Challenge Day 4 – More Fused Silver & A Very Productive Workshop Day

Yesterday I continued experimenting with fusing silver – this time fine silver onto sterling silver, I was in too much of a rush and fusing became melting but I really like the result.

Reeds or Running Water

Reeds or Running Water

Sterling silver hammered rings wrapped with fine silver then fused together, I deliberately over heated some of the fine silver so it broke and balled but the rings got a little too hot and what was supposed to be a matching pair for earrings became one pendant articulated in the middle to give movement.

Not sure what to call this – it reminded me of running water or growing reeds so any suggestions please add your comments !

Workshop Update
Yesterday was Jo and Mels last day, Mel had decided to go for a bike ride around the lake with Tim in the morning (the lake is very beautiful this time of year).  We had a very productive day finishing off a couple of bracelets and earrings, making silver bails for some of the fused glass and drilling other pieces.  I’ll post lots of photos of their makes tomorrow.

May Make Challenge – Each day this month I have challenged myself to make a piece of jewellery and blog about it.

May Make Challenge Day 3 Lacy Leaf Earrings and La Couvertoirade

Yesterday I wanted to explore a design I had been thinking about for a while, but if I’d known how fiddly and difficult it was going to be….  Mind you I love the result so I think I will be taking this further 😉

Fused Silver Earrings Handmade

I fused silver leaf shapes and then fused the wiggles onto the leaves – super light and strong and easy to wear !

Workshop Update
Jo and Mel decided to take the sightseeing option yesterday and visited the beautiful La Couvertoirade, a Knight Templar village about an hour and a half away from us – I’ll post photos of their visit along with their jewellery on Tuesday.




Treasures from our First Jewellery Making Workshop of the Year & A Pair of Ginges

A couple of weeks ago Caroline arrived for our 1st workshop in 2014, we had decided to run the workshop on a one to one basis and we were both looking forward to a week of riveting, fold forming, stone setting and silversmithing techniques.

Riveted copper earrings

Copper earrings with silver rivets and handmade ear wires by Caroline

It was Caroline’s 2nd visit to La Vidalerie and since her last workshop with us she had been busy exhibiting at shows and galleries and running Sea Breeze Designs with her partner Ric. Their website has a wonderful mix of her handmade artisan jewellery and his driftwood art – http://www.seabreezedesigns.co.uk.

Here are just some of the beautiful pieces she made whilst with us –

one to one jeweller making workshop

One to one jewellery making workshop

You can see more on our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150352775119982.1073741838.44255109981&type=1

A Pair of Ginges

I just had to share this photo of our two youngest lads – A Ginger Heart !

Ginger Heart

My Ginger Heart

Ginger Kittens Cuddle

Or the right way up 😉



A Gift From The 1st Workshop Of The Year

We’ve just finished running our first workshop for 2014, it’s always a slight shock to the system after the winter break but it was Caroline’s 2nd visit to La Vidalerie and we were looking forward to seeing her again. I’ll post photos of some of her creations in my next post.

Before leaving Caroline gave me a couple of pieces of beautiful fluorite, I’ve made the first piece into a pendant.

Artisan Silver & Fluorite Pendant

Artisan silver & fluorite pendant oxidised to bring out the detail.

I was in two minds about oxidising it but it really was crying out for a more sombre (the bright silver really didn’t suit the stone).  Thanks so much Caroline for the lovely stone – I hope you like what I did with it 😉

Flutterby Pendant – Handmade sterling silver – £30

Flutterby silver butterfly handmade necklace


I had this necklace in mind for a while and finally found the time to make it real –  I rolled the wildflower design onto both sides of a sheet of silver then drew a butterfly and sawed it free, sanded the edges until smooth then bent up the wings to give it life and soldered a loop onto the back so it looks like it has just fluttered onto the chain.   http://www.lavidalerie.com/Necklaces/Flutterby-Pendant.html


Amor Vincit Omnia – Love Conquers All – Handmade Silver Pendant

Amor Vincit Omnia - Love Conquers All

My latest heart pendant, made from silver sheet and stamped in latin so you can shout about your love without anyone else knowing. £35 inc postage